A Branch Bearing Fruit

Analogies are used in the New Testament to show the influence we are to have as Christians in the world. One of the more sobering analogies is that of a branch bearing fruit in John 15:1-8. This rich metaphor describes the relationship we have with Jesus Christ, our dependence upon Him for spiritual nourishment and sustainment, the importance of communion and fellowship with Him, and our purpose in the Father being glorified in all we do. As we abide in the Word, we bear fruit for the Father and are pruned by His Word to bear more fruit. As with salt, light, and other analogies in Scripture, we are reminded of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ in this world, using our lives to deliver the message that God sent Jesus Christ to be the perfect sacrifice in order that man might be forgiven from sin, saved from spiritual death, and justified before God.

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