The Lunacy of Gender Dysphoria

Let me be clear:  I am not referring to those who are wrestling with gender identity as lunatics.  No, the lunatics are the medical health “professionals,” judges, governors, state legislators, school counselors and others in positions of power who are advocating and funding irreversible, experimental “treatments” of confused young people.  These supposedly educated and responsible adults have become enamored with or otherwise beholden to sexual revolutionaries to such a degree that parental rights are endangered, remedial counseling is criminalized and dissenting voices are marginalized.

For example, “Jeremiah Keenan, reporter for the Federalist, documented a decision last Wednesday in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.  The court ordered that a 14-year-old girl receive testosterone injections without parental consent.  The court also declared that if either of her parents referred to her using female pronouns or addressed her by her birth name, the parents could be charged with family violence” (Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr., The End of Parental Rights?  A Chilling Case from Canada, 3/4/19

Mohler continues:  “The sexual revolution aims to normalize its entire transgender ideology.  The LGBTQ revolutionaries have chipped away at the moral foundation of society – by opening the door to adult gender dysphoria, it would only be a matter of time before they extended their logic to young children who should have access to hormonal treatments and gender reversal medical procedures … This story … reveals the deeply subversive developments of the sexual revolutionaries and their agenda – they now target the rights of parents; they disrupt the life of the home and subvert familial bonds” (ibid).

Lest we think this is merely a Canadian problem, the state of Oregon passed legislation in 2015 allowing 15-year-olds to receive sex-change drugs and surgery without parental consent and paid for by Medicaid (Dan Springer, Fox News website, updated 5/2/16).  “While 15 is the medical age of consent in the state, the decision to cover sex-change operations specifically was made by the Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC).  Members are appointed by the governor and paid by the state of Oregon.  With no public debate, HERC changed its policy to include cross-sex hormone therapy, puberty-suppressing drugs and gender-reassignment surgery as covered treatments for people with gender dysphoria, formally known as gender identity disorder” (ibid). 

Why this tidal wave of transgenderism?  “What explains the rapid increase in ‘transgender identities’ among children?  Has society simply become more accepting, or is something else going on?  Research points to many underlying factors:  mental health issues, autism, ADHD, trauma, and sexual confusion.  Evidence shows this is fueled by peer and media influences and spread by social contagion, in real life and online” (The Kelsey Coalition, The Trans Medical Experiment Scandal, 5/21/19).

Young people who have normal curiosities and questions, or more seriously suffer abuse, neglect, broken homes or mental health issues, are being conditioned by adults to believe they are “gender dysphoric.”  Such issues normally resolve themselves after puberty, but sometimes even small children are identified by their naïve, morally-rootless parents as “gay” or “bi” or “transgendered” simply because a child shows an interest in things associated with the other sex.  This is parental malpractice and should, in a better world, be corrected by legal and medical professionals – who now tragically support the parents in this lunacy.

Christian parents – listen up!  You need to be aware of and realistic about efforts to morally subvert your children.  You must be alert, proactive and ready to make substantive changes to your lifestyle as needed to protect your children from such messaging.  It is coming from school officials without your knowledge.  In the Canadian case cited previously, “the girl’s school counselor encouraged her to identify as a boy as early as the seventh grade.  When Maxine – the name used in the Federalist article – turned 13, her doctor and his colleagues at the British Columbia Children’s Hospital decided that she should ‘begin taking testosterone injections in order to develop a more masculine appearance.’”

These people are true believers and are convinced your Christian values are harming your child.  It is their mission to free your children from your control and direct them according to their worldview.

Young people – listen up!  Life can be difficult and confusing.  You hear many conflicting messages coming via the media and friends.  You may find yourself wondering about your sexual orientation.  Many adults around you in positions of responsibility have a warped view of morality and sexuality; they will not advise you properly.  God tells us that we are born male or female; gender and sexuality are not “fluid” or chosen.  Our categorization as male or female is determined by our DNA, and drugs, surgeries and counseling will not change this fundamental truth.  There are growing numbers of testimonies of “transition regret.”  The fears of adolescence can raise lots of questions that will gradually be answered by maturity and Scriptural guidance. 

Above all, don’t do anything irreversible or damaging to your body and mind while you work through these issues.  Be patient, pray, seek the counsel of your parents and other spiritually mature Christians.  The Western world is failing miserably on this issue, and many children are being irrevocably harmed by misguided “experts.”