When God Fixes It

Few occurrences can shake your personal image and self-esteem than a broken tooth in the forefront of your smile. Broken teeth are typically coupled with some very unflattering images of Appalachia with the clear sound of banjo music. What makes the matter worse is being a public speaker and evangelist scheduled for a weeklong gospel meeting and your tooth breaks.

This week, merely a few days from departing for that upcoming gospel meeting, my tooth re-broke when I went to drink a glass of water. I had broken it in my younger adolescence during a game of chicken on bicycles and had it repaired by Dr. Fagan, our family dentist. The bond had broken the first time only a year after that initial repair with help from a B.L.T. sandwich and it was “fixed” by Dr. Fagan again. Here we are about a decade or so later and the tooth is again dislodged and in need of repair. Not only is the repair costly and time-consuming, it’s frustrating as well. Why can’t we just fix things and be done with it?!

Of course, there are spiritual implications from this as with just about any other incident in our lives. We can’t fix things permanently. We can’t offset the corruptive influence inherent in our world. We live in an antagonistic world where friction, wear and tear, and breaks will happen; the only question is when they will need to be repaired and how long until the next “fix.” As amazing as our world is and as great as our potential is for rectifying fractures, we aren’t perfect at it. But there is someone who is. That someone is the Master of heaven and earth.

God is perfect. He is the perfect doctor, dentist, engineer, ad infinitum.  There is nothing He cannot fix. There is no need to go to the manual, outsource, or combine corporate strengths to combat individual weaknesses. He is PERFECT. When He fixes something it is fixed! When He bonds a tooth it stays not just for a decade, but forever! More importantly than these physical examples, God is capable of fixing our cracked lives. He can repair shattered families (see especially Ps. 68:6); He can restore perfect wellness; He can help you fight your addiction; He can help you strive for betterment in all areas of your life. God is capable of conquering your demons and saving your soul from the snares of death.

All people in every nation are broken and mangled by sin. The only way to truly heal that brokenness is by His hand. Don’t just put a cap on it and think that will be the end of the matter. Let God fix it permanently.